Tips for an Effective Leaflet campaign

Target the right area. We can assist you in finding the right target market for your leaflet drop, whether it be by postcode or specific area.

Have an eye-catching but simple headline such as "We will help you save money" or "We can save you time." People receiving your leaflet will decide within seconds whether to continue reading or not, so make it very clear what you are offering.

Don't leave yourself short. Make sure you print enough leaflets to cover all of the areas you want to, as well as having some 'overs' for your own use if necessary. The numbers of households in our most popular areas can be found on our Property Counts page.

Formulate a powerful offer. This can improve response rates and help you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

Think about quantities. Do you want to cover a large area all at once or would your prefer 1,000 leaflets distributed every week over a longer period?

Keep it simple. Our experience of leaflet distribution has taught us that simple works. Don't overload the leaflet with too much information. Get your key points over as concisely as possible.

Make sure your contact details are up-to-date and correct. Nothing is more frustrating for a potential customer, not to mention wasteful of your advertising spend, than a typo in a phone number or an email address which bounces.

Consider A/B testing. If you are planning a larger campaign, think about whether to produce two versions of your leaflet so you can see which produces the best results. True A/B testing keeps the entire leaflet design the same but only changes one factor, such as the headline, call to action, or main photo. Please contact us if you'd like to experiment with A/B testing and we will be pleased to discuss the options.

If you have any other questions, or would like some feedback on your ideas for a leaflet, please don't hesitate to get in touch.